March 4, 2015

Baba Marta

Baba Marta is a traditional Bulgarian holiday celebrated on the 1st March. It is believed that this day marks the beginning of spring. You can hardly see a person on the 1st March without a Martenitsa either on his coat or on his wrist. The origin of the Martenitsa The tradition dates back to the 7th century. Khan Asparuh (the ruler of Bulgars in the second half of the 7th century) had a sister named Huba. She was a captive in another kingdom. One day, Asparuh sent his sister an announcement that he had found a land (southwards from the Danube river, today’s Bulgaria) for them to settle down. Huba managed to run away and reached the river. As she looked for a path, Asparuh’s sister tied a white thread to a falcon’s leg. The other end of the thread remained in her hand, but as soon as the falcon found a way he was speared by an arrow and his blood coloured the thread. In the long run, Huba […]
February 24, 2015

Plovdiv is turning into a cultural hotspot

You might have heard that in 2019 Plovdiv will be the European capital of culture along with the Italian town of Matera. To pave the road, though, Plovdiv is preparing by increasing its cultural events year by year. These are just a few of what lies ahead in 2015. ONE Foundation is to host three major festivals this year. ONE DESIGN WEEK will be held 19-28 June and will focus on the works of Bulgarian and foreign artists, in which digital technology will be the main highlight.   Source   ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK will take place from 18 to 27 September and this year’s topic will be the Integration of the River (the Maritza river that runs through the city). The festival will try to make communities around the river and make it a cultural and sociable spot and not just a border within the city. ONE DANCE WEEK from 23 October to 1st November and will showcase the most progressive choreographies of the foreign and Bulgarian dance scene.   […]
February 14, 2015
valentine's day

St. Valentine’s Day all over the world

The Bulgarian equivalent to St. Valentine’s Day in Bulgaria The romantic tradition of St. Valentine’s Day was set centuries ago. The ancient Romans celebrated ‘The Day of Love’ on 14th February, praying to the Goddess of marriage and motherhood Junona. Unmarried girls wrote letters and put it in a deep box and the man who brought it out became her husband. Nowadays, the holiday is celebrated all over the world. In Japan and South Korea St. Valentine’s Day dates back to the 1930s. In Japan only men receive gifts on that day and the holiday for women is on 14th March, named ‘The White Day’. In contrast to Japan, in Korea men celebrate the ‘The Black Day’ on which they gather together and drink alcohol. In Denmark on 14th February men give a present of dry white flowers to their loved ones. Germans associate the day with insanity and consider St. Valentine the protector of mad people – which is why they decorate hospitals for mental diseases on Valentine’s Day. […]
February 2, 2015

One Month With Our New Route

As everybody should already know by now, Free Plovdiv Tour changed its route with the start of this year. Instead of at the post office, our starting point is now at the Municipality building, as explained in our original blog post about this. So what happened in this month since the change? Read along and you will see. 🙂 One of the coolest things about the new route is that we get to show our guests some little-known (even for people born and raised in Plovdiv!) places and facts about our city.   For example, if you come on a tour now, we will show you some parts of the old town which are more hidden and easy to miss. Some of the pictures here, like the one below, show such places. Another new place that we take our guests through is Kapana (The Trap) – the enigmatic, chaotic, labyrinth-like area in the heart of Plovdiv that was the home of merchants and artisans for centuries. How different Kapana and […]
January 26, 2015

Plovdiv’s famous citizens’ contribution to the world’s history and art

The city of the seven hills has made a very positive contribution to the world’s history and art. There are not only people born in Plovdiv, but also a lot of Bulgarians lived here for a period of time and also helped the city to flourish. Having asked my parents whether they know a famous person connected to Plovdiv, the first one they thought of was Ivan Vazov. Ivan Vazov was born in 1850 in Sopot (a town in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria). He is a famous Bulgarian poet, novelist and playwright, often named “The Patriarch of Bulgarian Literature”. Vazov worked as Education and People Enlightenment Minister as well. What connects him to Plovdiv are the years he spent here – from 1866 to 1868 and from 1880 to 1886. During this period of time he lived in Plovdiv, studied and created some of his notable works. His masterpiece is the novel “Under the Yoke” which depicts the Ottoman rule in Bulgaria. I highly recommend this book if you […]
December 16, 2014

Фрий Пловдив Тур променя маршрута си от 2015 година

Новата година ни носи много нови изненади, особено на Вас, нашите гости. Затова искаме да Ви загатнем какво предстои. Ние винаги се опитваме да се усъвършенстваме. За щастие, Пловдив е многолик град с много места да видиш и посетиш, и истории да научиш. Това ни дава широко поле за подобрение и вдъхновение. Искаме да Ви покажем повече от Пловдив, от неговите по-слабо познати места, от неговата отличителна култура и неповторим дух. Една от изненадите е новият маршрут, през който ще минава турът от 1 януари 2015 година. Вместо от сградата на Пощата, ще започваме от сградата на Община Пловдив, отстрани на главната улица. (карта) Всеки ден от 14 часа един от гидовете ни ще Ви чака пред Общината със знак „Free Plovdiv Tour”. Дори времето да Ви се струва твърде лошо, то не може да уплаши нашите гидове. Е, искате ли да научите повече за Пловдив? Ние ще Ви кажем всичко за този древен, но вечно жив град. Вече знаете къде да ни намерите. 😉
December 10, 2014

Free Plovdiv Tour Changes its Route Starting at 2015

The new year brings many new surprises for Free Plovdiv Tour. And by extension – to you, our guests. And so we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what is coming up. We always strive to improve. Luckily, Plovdiv is a wonderful city with so many aspects, so many things to see and places to visit, and a long history to learn about. It provides us with a lot of room for improvement and inspiration to draw from. We want to show you more of Plovdiv. More of its little-known places, more of its spirit and distinctive culture. Starting at January 1st 2015, we will have a new route that we'll be taking you through. Instead of at the post office, now our tours will begin from the Municipality's building, located on the side of Plovdiv's main street ("Knyaz Alexander" street). Every day at 2pm you will see one of our tour guides in front of the Municipality's building, holding the Free Plovdiv Tour sign. Even if you […]
November 11, 2014

Free Plovdiv Tour и Empatheast

От Free Plovdiv Tour имаме удоволствието да ви поканим на следващите ни специални обиколки из малко познатите места на Пловдив, които този път организираме в сътрудничество с „Фабрика за идеи“ като част от събитието Empatheast. На 15 ноември (събота) от 12:30 ч. ще имате възможност да посетите нашата обиколка на Тютюневия град, а пък от 15:30 ч. сте добре дошли на обиколката на квартал „Капана“. Стартовата точка и на двете събития е драматичният театър. Нашите приятели от „Фабрика за идеи“ са младежка организация, която чрез инструменти като неформалното образование, креативността и социалното предприемачество се опитва да насърчи и провокира социална промяна. Самите те са млади хора, които искат да включат и други млади хора в процесите на взимане на решения и на активно, съвместно сътворяване на бъдещето. Форумът Empatheast се организира от „Фабрика за идеи“ и ще се проведе от 14-и до 16-и ноември в Пловдив. Под мотото „Социална промяна чрез емпатия и отворено образование в Източна Европа“ лектори, дошли от различни места по света, ще споделят своя опит в […]
October 21, 2014

Архитектурни легенди – квартал “Капана” в Пловдив

Тази година Сдружение 365, в сътрудничество с One Foundation for Culture and Arts, проведе три тематични обиколки като част от събитието One Architecture Week. Първата такава обиколка беше в София и представи изчезващите архитектурни легенди там. Пловдив пък беше домакин на другите две обиколки – а именно „Тютюнев град“ и „Капана“. На 9, 11 и 12 октомври се случиха обиколките на Тютюневия град. На тях нашият гид Аделина разясни на посетителите историята на внушителните постройки там, както и отправи поглед към тяхното евентуално (и възможно) бъдеще. На „Капана“ пък бяха отредени датите 15, 18 и 19 октомври. Гидът ни Борислав разведе гостите из тесните и преплетени улички на квартала, като целенасочено се опитваше да ги загуби. Бе хвърлена светлина върху миналото на това място, историческите наслагвания, които то носи, както и бъдещите перспективи пред него. Накрая имаше интересна игра, след която участниците повече не биха имали никакъв проблем с ориентацията в квартала. Следват снимки на този капан, наречен ‘Капана’ Офисът на Едно – началото на нашата обиколка. [Снимка] Ъгловата къща, […]