August 18, 2021

Where to find useful information about Plovdiv online?

Being well informed is a good idea when you are traveling to a new town or a country. And sometimes it’s not about the common things any tourist or guest of the place would search for. Sometimes one is looking for more detailed and elaborate information on a curious part of the city’s culture or history. Of course, there are web portals everyone knows. Wonderful popular sites where you can get useful information about Plovdiv like Tripadvisor, Lonelyplanet, Wikipedia and so on. But let’s talk local! Who knows a city better than the locals? After all, only they will give you the added value of the cultural background to any kind of information. If you are looking to inform yourself well about Plovdiv and the local secrets, we recommend you several websites that provide interesting information in English. Here you will find all about landmarks, accommodation, restaurants, bars, shopping, trips nearby and useful tips. Plovdiv – a touch of art and history Those are the first words you read when […]