March 13, 2021

Five buildings and monuments from the Communist era to visit in Plovdiv

The Communist era is a controversial period of the Bulgarian history that defined every aspect of life in our country for almost half a century. And since this is recent history, one can easily find a lot of Communist buildings and monuments in the Bulgarian cities and actually all around the country. It’s the same in Plovdiv – you can walk around the city and often enough you can notice panel blocks of flats, typical big administrative buildings from the period, Stalinist architecture and also Communist monuments. We have 5 suggestions if you don’t have enough time to explore everything, but you are still interested in visiting at least some places related to those years. These are probably the most famous Communist buildings and monuments in Plovdiv, but we assure you – popularity doesn’t make them boring. Alyosha monument Plovdiv is famous for its hills and they are the first thing you will notice while traveling towards the city. On one of them stands Alyosha – the Soviet soldier. Built […]