September 10, 2022

3 Eco-Trails Around Plovdiv

Plovdiv is a beautiful city but especially around the summer it tends to get a bit busy and very hot and one might feel they need a change of pace. Although some of our hills provide a quick and wonderful escape, the city is also situated between two of the biggest mountains in the country – the Rhodopi mountain and Stara planina (“The old mountain”, also known as “The Balkan”). That creates an opportunity for city tourism to be combined with nature walks. Therefore, if you have extra time in the region and are looking to explore a bit further, we recommend you to head out to the mountains and take one of the eco-trails. In this article, we have gathered three eco-trails around the city. Their starting points are between 20 and 50 km away from the city and they will take you to one of the above-mentioned mountains. All the trails combine the pleasure of a walk in nature with the visit of some historical and natural sights. […]
August 18, 2021

Where to find useful information about Plovdiv online?

Being well informed is a good idea when you are traveling to a new town or a country. And sometimes it’s not about the common things any tourist or guest of the place would search for. Sometimes one is looking for more detailed and elaborate information on a curious part of the city’s culture or history. Of course, there are web portals everyone knows. Wonderful popular sites where you can get useful information about Plovdiv like Tripadvisor, Lonelyplanet, Wikipedia and so on. But let’s talk local! Who knows a city better than the locals? After all, only they will give you the added value of the cultural background to any kind of information. If you are looking to inform yourself well about Plovdiv and the local secrets, we recommend you several websites that provide interesting information in English. Here you will find all about landmarks, accommodation, restaurants, bars, shopping, trips nearby and useful tips. Plovdiv – a touch of art and history Those are the first words you read when […]
June 24, 2021

Alternative ways to travel around Plovdiv

Visiting an unknown town can be challenging when it comes to driving and using public transport. Luckily, there are alternative ways to travel around the city. Furthermore, all the ideas we introduce you to in this article are eco-friendly and actually good for the city. Rent an electric car – Spark Sometimes you travel with lots of luggage, with family and children. In such cases, a car is a more convenient way to travel. The alternative way to travel in Plovdiv with a car is Spark. SPARK is a new service in Plovdiv that allows you to find and rent an electric vehicle. All you need is your mobile phone and the Spark application. One can rent a car for 15 minutes to reach their desired destination in the city or use the vehicle for a few days. In Plovdiv, when you finish using the Spark, you may leave it in a “blue zone” (free of charge for electric vehicles) as well as in designated areas outside the city center. […]
January 27, 2021

How to navigate in the city center if you are staying in the Old Town of Plovdiv

The Old Town of Plovdiv is one of the most popular places in the city. With its amazing authentic atmosphere, the place can easily bring you back to the past while you are on a trip around the magnificent Revival houses of the rich merchants that lived here during the Ottoman rule. Or it can take you back to the time of fortresses and strong defensive walls when different nations held battles for our beloved city. Today, the Old Town is also a preferred place for tourists to stay, since it’s close to the main pedestrian area and one can find lots of options for accommodation around. If you are one of the lucky visitors who decided to stay in a hotel or a hostel in the Old Town of Plovdiv, you will need some directions to get yourself around in this area. Main crossroad in the Old Town of Plovdiv Let’s establish the central place of the Old Town. It’s the crossroad of the following streets: Saborna (ул. Съборна), Chetvarti yanuari (ул. Четвърти януари), Doctor […]
December 2, 2020

Plovdiv Self-Guided Tour

by Free Plovdiv Tour A self-guided tour may sound strange to many people but actually it has a lot of perks. When should you consider a self-guided tour as an option? You don’t want to be a part of a group but you still don’t want to miss the most important sights in the city you are visiting. Self-guided tours are your chance to enjoy sightseeing without the company of people you don’t know. You missed the beginning of that marvelous tour you have read about and you are in town for a day trip, so you don’t have much time to organize anything else. Don’t worry, this is what self-guided tours are here for! The situation requires you to be careful and avoid crowds – for example, the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not a good idea to gather with lots of people, right? Plovdiv is an amazing city and you definitely need to explore as much as you can while you are here. We have prepared an essential list of […]
August 5, 2020

The best summer activities in Plovdiv

It’s summer and you are in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This means one thing – it is hot. The temperatures in our city can be quite high in this season, reaching around 40C. So, let’s see which are the best summer activities in Plovdiv that will keep you cool and will provide some fun memories! Aqualand Plovdiv It’s a favorite place of kids and adults! This amazing aquapark is situated on 17 000 sq. meters and offers a big variety of slides and pools. To be exact, in Aqualand Plovdiv you can choose between 6 different pools and around 15 slides. Surely everyone can find what they like since all the attractions are different – some will give you a big adrenalin rush, others are calmer, but still fun to go on. King Cobra, The Rocket and Kamikaze are probably the most thrilling ones, but you better try for yourself. Pools In and near Plovdiv one can find those oases of joy and coolness in a hot summer day – swimming pools. […]
June 27, 2020

5 places in Plovdiv for amazing photographs

With technology developing so fast, taking photographs has never been easier. Even if you don’t have a high-tech camera, many phones can do pretty decent pictures. Even if that’s not your profession or your hobby, with some basic skills you can amaze your friends with the photos you took for a memory from a place you visited. Magnificent Plovdiv will make it even easier for you because we have prepared 5 ideas for another very important ingredient for a beautiful picture – LOCATION! Photographs on a tepe Plovdiv is famous for its hills (called tepes or тепета in Bulgarian). Heights are always a good idea for a picture as long as they provide a panoramic view. In our city, you can get that by climbing to the top of Nebet tape, Sahat tape, Bunarzhik tape, or Dzhendem tepe. If you combine your effort to climb a hill with a dramatic cloudy sky, or a colorful sunset you will get some stunning results. Tsar Simeon’s Garden The garden was supposed to […]
April 3, 2020

7 Unique Graffiti or Street Art Tours around the Globe

Due to the global pandemic, the time for traveling and admiring graffiti or street art definitely isn’t now. Neither most of the tours are operating, nor it is advisable to leave your home unless necessary. Although, when the time comes you must have a premade list. Thus, let us help you with that! To begin with, where can you wholesomely enjoy graffiti art? The answer is clear, wherever there is someone to help satisfy your artistic curiosity. For example, you could be staring at a piece of art and make incredible explorations; however, you might be missing the one thing only the natives can see. Therefore, the tours included in this post are not only known for their majestic street art and the significance that it brings to the public, but also for having experts that would help you see clearly.  Free Tours by Foot at Bushwick Collective As claimed on their website, Bushwich is “NYC’s most prolific neighborhood for street art and graffiti”. Similarly to our creative district in […]
April 13, 2019

The Must-See less Popular Sights in Plovdiv

As we entered 2019 and Plovdiv became officially the European Capital of Culture for this year the popular sights and tourist attractions in our city started to attract even more people. This is great news for! What is even better is that Plovdiv can offer even more. Therefore we are sharing with you a list of places which at this point remain a little off the radar. Still, they are definitely worth visiting. The Tobacco town Once a blooming industry and nowadays just a blast from the past. The tobacco business in Plovdiv started in the end of the 19th century. It left a big mark in the city’s history. Though very successful, even on an international scale, around 30 buildings of former tobacco factories and warehouses ended up abandoned or received residential functions. The historical monument Tobacco town can be experienced on the streets between the Central Railway Station and the modern city center (like the Ivan Vazov Str.) The hidden, in between the busy streets, a jewel of […]