December 22, 2021

What to do in Plovdiv around Christmas?

Plovdiv in wintertime is a delightful walk on the main street either on warmer, or snowier days, dining or drinking coffee in Kapana, or visiting a museum. We from Free Plovdiv Tour enjoy doing all of them! That’s why we decided to prepare a list for all the things we can guarantee you will love doing in our city around Christmas time! Visiting the Ice Rink The Ice Rink is in the very center of the city, where every winter we organize an ice-skating venue! Be sure to bring your warm clothes and child-like enthusiasm. Rent a pair of ice-skates and have some fun around the historic architecture on our main square. This will cost you 14 leva for around two and a half hours, plus 1 lev for the skates. Enjoy the hills Don’t get us wrong – they are beautiful all year round, but if you manage to go there on a clear day after it’s snowed you will love it. Beautiful for taking photos, going on a […]