September 16, 2020

Bulgarian autumn – colorful fairytale near Plovdiv

Bulgaria is a country happy to have four distinct seasons. All of them have their charm and beauty. Having a magnificent nature we can enjoy picturesque sceneries all year. Since the Bulgarian autumn is very colorful and impressive, one quickly forgets the sadness over the hot summer days. Plovdiv is a city where summer continues until the end of September. If you are visiting after that don’t be alarmed. The town itself is beautiful and cozy in this season, but also, being in the central part of Bulgaria it is a perfect starting point for colorful autumn travels. Here are some ideas for a two-day autumn trip (or a weekend trip) an hour away from Plovdiv. Vrata village, Belintash and Karadzhov kamyk The village Vrata (Врата) is located in the Rhodope mountains, 46,5km from Plovdiv. Traveling by car you will need around one hour to reach it since part of the trip will be on some serpentines and you won’t be able to travel very quickly. There are several hotels […]