Plovdiv old town tour

I’ve attended to a Plovdiv old town tour guided by Kathy ( Katherina) . I really enjoyed the tour, it took aprx. 2 hours. Kathy was well prepared, knowledgeable and through. She shared many legends about the town. Very nice experience, thank you Kathy! 🙂

Liza, Canada

Nice walk in the city center

We attented the tour on 4th July at 6 p.m. with Rossi as a guide. The tour was interesting and useful for us. We could inly recommend it to everybody!


Enthousiastic and informative

Very worthwile. You get to see more of the town and a lot of the history. The guide was an enthousiastic 20 year old student who did not know everything, but he was honest and helpful. He does it for free but he appreciates tips, but that’s up to you. He makes a nice amount though he claims…

Lucien, The Netherlands

Great tour, friendly guide

A great tour with a friendly guide. A really good way to familiarise yourself with the best sights Plovdiv has to offer over two hours.

MissFussyOCD, UK

A great walking tour

Although we were only 3 persons with Boris on June 7 this walking tour was very pleasant and Boris did give us a lot of historical background about Plovdiv and replied to our questions. We spent a nice time during 2 hours and recommend to do this walking tour.

Gladys, Switzerland

Fun and informative

For a first time visitor the free tour was a great way to get some historical information on the town and begin to understand its character.

Emma, Australia

A nice tour

Tour with Boris. Interesting facts about the city, but maybe a bit too formal (we were only five people, maybe that’s the reason). I also thing some more information about the street art in Kapana could be a good idea.

CXuor, UK

Great tour

This was a very efficient way to see the sights in Plovdiv. Our guide Boris did a fantastic job at giving some historical background the sights while not letting it drag on. It should be the first thing you do in the city.

thelonious22, South Korea

Nice tour

Definitely recommend. Our tour got rained out, but instead of leaving us, our guide stayed to wait it out with us at a cafe. She shared some photos and info with us while we waited and the whole group had a nice time. We continued the tour after they rain, and she showed us to a great dinner location long after her duties as tour guide were fulfilled. Great service and great to hear from locals who love their city!

Tristy, USA

Brilliant tour….with only one but!

It’s a fascinating city, lots to see and photograph. VITAL YOU HAVE COMFY SHOES FOR DIFFICULT LARGE ROCK BASED COBBLES. It was a great two hour walk, very informative and good guide Only niggle…..not everyone asks at your pace! Well worth a bit if your time but don’t do it if you have mobility issues

hoppityskip, UK