September 10, 2022

3 Eco-Trails Around Plovdiv

Plovdiv is a beautiful city but especially around the summer it tends to get a bit busy and very hot and one might feel they need a change of pace. Although some of our hills provide a quick and wonderful escape, the city is also situated between two of the biggest mountains in the country – the Rhodopi mountain and Stara planina (“The old mountain”, also known as “The Balkan”). That creates an opportunity for city tourism to be combined with nature walks. Therefore, if you have extra time in the region and are looking to explore a bit further, we recommend you to head out to the mountains and take one of the eco-trails. In this article, we have gathered three eco-trails around the city. Their starting points are between 20 and 50 km away from the city and they will take you to one of the above-mentioned mountains. All the trails combine the pleasure of a walk in nature with the visit of some historical and natural sights. […]