November 16, 2015
Free Plovdiv Tour

Free Plovdiv Tour Is Expanding Its Team

Free Plovdiv Tour is expanding its team → JOIN US The long-awaited time for expanding our team has come. Just on the eve of the Christmas holidays we are going to be presented with a marvelous gift – new enthusiastic and entertaining members. Local people who are eager to know more about the city of Plovdiv and are fascinated by its mesmerizing beauty are welcome to join the team of Free Plovdiv Tour. Join us!If you anticipate working in a dynamic team with interesting and cooperative people then FPT is the right place for you! If you join us, you would: Be a part of a motivated and enthusiastic team of young professionals Benefit from being in an international environment Practice your public speaking…with people from 6 continents Have lots of fun and make lots of friends from different countries! We want you, if you: Love Plovdiv and Bulgaria Have rich general knowledge about the city and the country and you are eager to learn more Are Bulgarian and fluent […]
October 31, 2015
Are Bulgarians superstitious - List of Superstitions - Free Plovdiv Tour

Are Bulgarians superstitious?

Are Bulgarians superstitious and are you familiar with the most common superstitions? Circle the correct answer: What first comes to mind when you see the following objects? Coming across a  four-leaved clover means good luck for the finder. In case a black cat crosses your path, there is a risk that something bad might happen to you until the end of the day. Walking under a ladder invariably stands for bad luck. All of the above. If you are of the opinion that ALL of the statements are TRUE, then you have answered the question correctly. Good for you! Probably, these three symbols – a four-leaved clover, a black cat and a ladder – are among the most common ones worldwide. Everyone has spent hours and hours (or at least some 10 minutes) looking for a ‘lucky’ clover in the backyard. Or while hiking in the mountains. We tend to be really tenacious when it comes to ensuring good luck for ourselves and our beloved ones. What’s more, you can […]
October 7, 2015


READY! SET! GO!   In case you are wondering what’s going on, I am going to let the cat out of the bag! This weekend, on the 26th of September the seasonal Free Plovdiv Tour race was held. The event takes place every three months and aims to promote the activity of FPT. This time the main goal was to remind our partners about the change of schedule: from October to April there is one tour per day starting at 2 pm. The teams entering the race had to visit a preset list of locations. Here’s how it goes:   Participants: 2 teams Team 1: On 4 Tyres Team 2: On Foot *Each team consists of two players! Rules: The two teams meet at a certain time and location – the starting point. Both have a list of approximately twenty places they need to visit and a stack of leaflets to leave there. These include hotels, hostels and some cafes and clubs located in the city of Plovdiv. The first […]
September 30, 2015

Winter tour schedule

Yes, you guessed it. It's October again. And yes, you guessed it. We are switching to winter tour schedule again. We know you know, but we wanted to put out a reminder, just in case you might miss the change. So, here it is: From the 1st of October Free Plovdiv Tour is changing to one tour per day. Start time is 2 PM. Starting point is the same – City Hall, next to the central fountain on the main street. We'll be there – in good weather as well as in bad. See you and don't forget to have fun!
September 10, 2015

September stands for festivals

With summer slowly losing force, autumn starts to gain momentum and sunbathing gets substituted for festivals. The city’s heart starts pumping blood again as the people return to their den and bring their good summer mood with them. Ever since Plovdiv won European Capital of Culture 2019 things have taken a livelier turn and all sorts of gatherings have become abundant. Here’s a warning- September will not promise peace and quiet. This is not the best month for those who want to have a leisurely weekend. Rather, it’s more for the party goers. As the month advances so do the festivals. Here are a few tips on what to expect and where to go. Night of Museums and Galleries – 11th and 12th Sep Source This year is the eleventh edition of an all-time favourite among Plovdiv people and Bulgarians in general. Each year the festival has a different creative layout and offers a vast array of performances around town. The streets of Plovdiv bustle with laughter, joy and pure […]
August 17, 2015
Bulgarian Floklore

Bulgarian Folklore and our National Identity

Bulgarian folklore is an inseparable part of our national identity. For centuries, indigenous people have preserved songs, dances, tales, poems, riddles, proverbs, etc. We should appreciate the art created by our ancestors as much as we honor the history. Our folklore is quite unique.There are three state folklore ensembles in Bulgaria. They guard the tradition and hand it down to the next generations. Folklore Ensemble ‘Trakia’ – Photo source: Facebook Ensemble ‘Trakia’ The ensamble was established in 1974 owing to Professor Kiril Dzhenev. He is the founder of the Bulgarian folklore choreography and also sets up more than 100 dance works. Professor Dzhenev is among the most eminent pedagogue-choreographers in the country. He teaches at the State Choreographic School since it was established. Students who are currently in their studies or have graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts have always made a sizable contribution to the Ensemble and its activities. So far the members of the Ensemble ‘Trakia’ have performed in all parts of Bulgaria. Apart […]
July 22, 2015

You see me rowing! You like it! Try to catch me Plovdiv touring

A little known fact is that Plovdiv is not only the oldest living city in Europe but it is also the host of the biggest rowing channel on the Balkans. It’s 2,2 km long and is located in the western part of the city amidst the green lungs of the city. After its renovation in 2011 it has witnessed many European championships and has become a favourite spot for the locals. While the water is not suitable for swimming, it does offer a relief of the scorching heat, which is expected to reach 36 degrees this week. For the visitors of the city this week also promises a bit more excitement and namely a rowing competition. The 2015 World Rowing Under 23 Championship It is taking place from 22nd to 26th July and you have the enviable opportunity to behold the making of sport history. Rowing teams from over 50 different countries will strain every muscle to win the coveted gold medal.  Will you be there to see it? If, […]
July 15, 2015
National Folklore Festival of Rozhen - Featured Image

National Folklore Festival of Rozhen

Bulgarians from all over the country gather together near Rozhen peak. The fair in Rozhen is held every four years and musicians present their incredible skills. For the first time, the festival took place in 1898. Angel Indzhov – a priest in the village of Sokolovtsi – came up with the riveting idea of the festival. At that time, the frontier between Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire crossed the peak of Rozhen. Nowadays, the fair is still a guardian of the tradition. The symbol of the festival is the orchestra “100 Kaba Gajdi” which literally means “100 Bagpipes”. Namely here Valya Balkanska sang her unforgettable song ‘Izlel e Delyo Haydutin’which was later put on the board of the space station Voyager along with the music of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. What takes place this year? 400 bagpipers would perform on the first day The festival of Bulgarian folk art and stock-breeding starts on the 17th July there would be a Bulgarian flag of approximately 24.000 m2 demonstration of traditional Bulgarian […]
July 7, 2015

Happy third birthday, Free Plovdiv Tour!

For English scroll down. Третият рожден ден на Free Plovdiv Tour! Три пъти УРА! Три години са почти зад гърба ни. Три години изпълнени с неуморен труд, турове и усмихнати туристи. Преди около три години Сдружение 365 стартират амбициозния проект за безплатна пешеходна обиколка на град Пловдив – Free Plovdiv Tour .Разбира се, за стартова дата избираме 13ти, денят е петък. Датата и денят са ни късметлийски – другите ни два големи проекта също са стартирани на тази дата- 13-и август 2010 и 13-и април 2012. Ние сме сдружение с нестопанска цел в обществена полза, което се занимава с туризъм и култура. Сдружение от проактивни млади хора, където се случва нещо буквално през всичките 365 дни от годината – дори на дати като 1 януари, 3 март, 24 декември (почивен ден не се полага дори един, дори на високосна). Free Plovdiv Tour е нашият трети голям проект за безплатна пешеходна обиколка. Обиколката ни в Пловдив се превърна в един наистина успешен проект, но по пътя имаше много предизвикателства. Три години […]