October 1, 2019


WHAT IS PLOVDIV GRAFFITI TOUR? Plovdiv Graffiti Tour is a great opportunity to enjoy some beautiful and colorful art on the city’s streets, get to know more about the artists behind it and also learn the differences between types of graffiti and street art. We promise Plovdiv will surprise you with some unexpected sights not only from the modern nowadays scene but from a period of its past too, focusing on a certain street art popular back then. WHERE? START: Municipality building (a.k.a. City Hall and the meeting point of The Free Plovdiv Tour) Nr. 1 Stefan Stambolov square. No reservation required! WHEN? Every Sunday and Monday at 2 PM (October-April)Duration: around 1,5-2 hours Just show up! Price per person: free The tour takes place in the center of the city, including parts of the main pedestrian street of Plovdiv, Kapana district and the Old Town.  This tour is organized by the 365 Association which is also known for the Free Sofia Tour and Free Plovdiv Tour. Our tours run […]
February 22, 2019

Arts and Crafts of Plovdiv: Leatherworking

Every settlement that was a part of the nowadays Bulgarian theritory, from Thracians to medieval Bulgarians was dependent on leather, hence leatherworking certainly was one of the most important professions of the ancient people. When the Bulgars (tribes that the Bulgarians originate from) settled on the Balkans, they were already familiar with the craft of leatherworking. Cloths, armor and dishes were made of this material. From one generation to the next, all the way from the days of old to the Information Age, leatherworking surprisingly has made it through. To give you a good example, we pay a visit to the town of Plovdiv because, throughout the centuries, it has been known for its prominent merchants and artisans. Nowadays, the traditions are still alive in a district where every street was named after a particular craft. The name of the craftsmen heaven is Kapana. On a first glance it looks as if currently invaded by cafés and restaurants. However, soon we stumble upon Art Studio Giovanna. Leatherworking nowadays in Kapana On […]