Great, informative and scenic tour!

Our guide, Sveta, was so sweet! She was extremely knowledgable. My boyfriend loves history and loves to ask questions. I think he only stumped her once, but she looked it up! We had a great time! Thanks for a great afternoon!

ChelsaAnn, Australia

You should definitely do this!

An amazing way to find out a ton of interesting facts about the ancient and modern history of the city, presented by friendly and well prepared tour guides. A must!


An absolute must do!

If you are travelling to Plovdiv and want to understand the 6,000 year history of the town and region, you can’t go past the free Plovdiv tour.

The tour guides are fluent in English and full of interesting facts about the area. From the Thracians (Hercules times), to the Romans, the Byzantines, Ottomans and Russians. I am a bit of a fan of history anyway, but this tour really filled in a lot of gaps about Bulgaria and its people.

Don’t do yourself a disservice, jump onto the next tour as I am sure you will glad you did so…..

Sean, Australia

Must see

We had a great tour with Adi and her colleague. This tour is a great possibility to see the main things in town in a quite short time, learn about their history and know other tourists joining it.

Yasemin, Germany

Very informative tour

Our guide Adi was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The route and length were perfect. We got a much better understanding of the city and culture.

Cheryl, UK

Yep, good!

Was great to hear the stories of this very old town. Took us on a greatest hits of plovdiv tour and a crash course in Bulgarian history. Which was great as we had just arrived and were keen to learn more. Our guide answered every question on every topic even on where to eat/drink/visit.A great introduction into a great town and great country.


A must in Plovdiv

The only bad thing about this tour is that it made us wish we could have stayed longer in Plovdiv!!! We only had the day there and the tour was an excellent way of seeing as much of the place as possible and learning a lot in a short space of time. It’s one if the shorter walking tours that I’ve been on but it didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything. The tour guide was lovely and had loads if interesting stories to tell. You should absolutely do this tour in Plovdiv.

Sally, UK

Must do!

Very interesting tour and our guide told everything with lots of enthusiasm. We learned a lot about the history and traditions of Bulgaria, and, in particular, Plovdiv. Highly recommend it!


Informative and fun

The walking tour was very interesting and informative, we had lots of fun listening to the guide. She knew a lot about Plovdivs long and complicated history and was very friendly and helpful. We loved it!

Grandmother G, Finland

A walk with a friend!

A great way to see all the major sites in a short time with great commentary. The guides are all locals and you can tell they want to show off their town. It’s not all just dates and names but plenty of funny and interesting stories and anecdotes. A must if you visit plovdiv

Chelsea, Australia