I did the Free Plovdiv Tour with a friend. It was highly informative and a very interesting introduction to the history of Bulgaria and the gorgeous town Plovdiv. Next to historical and cultural aspects, stories of the recent past of Plovdiv are a part of the tour and make it even more interesting. The tour provides many beautiful scenic places for panorama photos and selfies! Highly recommended!!!

Andre, Bulgaria

Great, informative and scenic tour!

Our guide, Sveta, was so sweet! She was extremely knowledgable. My boyfriend loves history and loves to ask questions. I think he only stumped her once, but she looked it up! We had a great time! Thanks for a great afternoon!

ChelsaAnn, Australia

Amazing Free Tour!

This tour was recommended to us by our hostel. It is a new project that aims to provide free city walking tours every day of the year. Our tour guide was great, very knowledgeable and her stories about the various city sights were very interesting. And it’s free, so why not? Highly recommended!


You should definitely do this!

An amazing way to find out a ton of interesting facts about the ancient and modern history of the city, presented by friendly and well prepared tour guides. A must!


An absolute must do!

If you are travelling to Plovdiv and want to understand the 6,000 year history of the town and region, you can’t go past the free Plovdiv tour.

The tour guides are fluent in English and full of interesting facts about the area. From the Thracians (Hercules times), to the Romans, the Byzantines, Ottomans and Russians. I am a bit of a fan of history anyway, but this tour really filled in a lot of gaps about Bulgaria and its people.

Don’t do yourself a disservice, jump onto the next tour as I am sure you will glad you did so…..

Sean, Australia

Must see

We had a great tour with Adi and her colleague. This tour is a great possibility to see the main things in town in a quite short time, learn about their history and know other tourists joining it.

Yasemin, Germany

Gotta do it!

We learned of this tour from the guesthouse we stayed at. It is well worth your time for great insight to the history of Bulgaria and Plovdiv. Konstantin was our guide (he said we were his first group but you wouldn’t have known it) and was articulate, funny and spoke impeccable English. He handled questions well and has a good command of the history of Plovdiv.

Pam L

Great Intro to the city

We had a great time on the Plovdiv Walking Tour with Vessy. The stories and history were just right, the duration was good, and our guide spoke great English! Thank you for a great tour. Highly recommend.

TravellerNZ101, Australia

Awesome, expansive free tour

We learned about this tour from the guide giving the free Sofia tour, so we were excited to do it when we arrived in Plovdiv. The guide, Konstantin, was really well spoken and knowledgable especially considering he had only given one previous tour. This tour covers a lot of the old town and goes to many sites that you’d normally have to find on your own. You cover a lot of ground in the 2 hours and it’s really worth your time.

So if you come to Plovdiv during your time in Bulgaria (and you better), hit this tour up.

illini2000, USA

Best free local guide. very interesting and time well spent

My wife and me joined the free Plodiv tour in september. We were in a group of about 15 people. The tour starts at the post office and progress through the pedestrian streets up through the old town.
The guide spoke excellent english and was very friendly and full of information and knowledge. She handled all questions with char mand ease. The pace was nice and relaxed so all could follow, but not so slow that it got boring.
It was a leisurely stroll through the shopping streets and into the old town, noting historical buildings and events as we passed. Plovdiv being 6000 years old has a fascinating history and there is no end to sights and stories as we walked. After about 1,5 hours we came to the top of the hill with the ancient roman theatre and ruins. The tour finished on the very top with a spectacular view of Plovdiv.
This was an excellent tour, very nice guide and highly recommended!

ahope, Norway