Pleasant, informative, exciting

The tour was really nice. Although I am Bulgarian it broadened my knowledge about Plovdiv. Our tour guide Mel was highly informed, nice, young lady with pleasant sense of humor. I recommend this tour for every foreigner and Bulgarian visiting Plovdiv.

Leila, Bulgaria

Great Tour!

I was in Sofia during a spring trip through the Balkans and decided to a day trip to Plovdiv knowing that it had some Roman History and might in fact be related to Spartacus. Glad I did and glad I found this tour. It was great and very informative. Lots of Bulgarian and Roman History (not too sure about Spartacus) The guide Adelina was awesome and extremely knowledgeable. If you’re in Plovdiv or passing through there is no reason why you shouldn’t do this tour. it’s absolutely worth it! (I mean of course being free. you should still leave a tip though) but I would have paid for it too.

Franz H.

Splendid pLOVEdiv tour

In one sentence: Best tour I ever had so far, compared to a few other city tours I attended in Stockholm, Sydney, Istanbul and Budapest. Plamena guided us through many bigger and smaller sites of interest. I was bombarding her with questions every two stations and she could answer all of them in perfect English, which you wouldn’t expect from a non-native speaker. We were 6-9 people in our group and went from the central post office through the main walking streets, the old town, passing by some museums all the way up to one of the big hills with an astonishing view over the city. The tour is actually not for free, since there is a donation very well appreciated to support the project and the guide. So bring some notes, maybe not your 50 Leva one, which you just got from the ATM, maybe not your last 2 Leva note, but anything in between shall do fine. The tour lasted two hours and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a first impression about the city before exploring it on ones own.

Markus, Germany

trough sun and rain

We had a tour with Adi as a guide, which was nice! She told us that the people of the tour are like a family, we felt like that and get to know different people from the whole world.

Lisavan, Argentina

Boris was brilliant!

The walking tour of Plovdiv was great. I went with a friend with knowledge only from wiki. Boris was a great guide, very knowledgeable and funny. It’s well worth it even if you know the history as the local input was perfect.

Dolly, Australia

A walk with a friend!

A great way to see all the major sites in a short time with great commentary. The guides are all locals and you can tell they want to show off their town. It’s not all just dates and names but plenty of funny and interesting stories and anecdotes. A must if you visit plovdiv

Chelsea, Australia

Free Plovdiv Tour, free your mind

I was really happy to discover a completely different side of Plovdiv, bearing in mind the fact that I have lived my whole life here. The guide showed me how beautiful our city really is and helped me to fall in love with it all over again( thanks again, Adi). I am positive they have the similar influence and effect on all the tourists.The tour is always interesting, very educational and fun. It’s something that every tourist must take part in. Actually I would recommend it to a lot of the citizens of Plovdiv, because there’s always something new and interesting to learn.
Thank you for making our city hard to forget!

Emilia, Bulgaria

A must do

Kris was an amazing tour guide, even though we had (crazy guy) in our group she still handle everything very well. It was extreamely informative and this is a fantastic way to see the beautiful city of Plovdiv, also a good way to meet other people which I went out for lunch with afterwards.

Sidonie, Belgium


This was a wonderful tour of Plovdiv – covered a lot of interesting detail with a fun, energetic, friendly, and knowledgeable tour guide. I would recommend this easy walking tour for anyone visiting Plovdiv. Great way to meet other travelers in town too! Thanks for such a great introduction to Plovdiv!

Michael, United States

Great tour and initiative

Free Plovdiv tour is very well organised.The guide was very enthusiatic.It is a pleasure walking in the city.The tour covers most of the monuments and areas,.Ancient town is very interesting.
The guides are waiting to take questions.Would recommend any one visiting Polvdiv must take this tour.It starts at 1400 hrs,understand there is one at 1800hrs as well.It takes about two hours.Apart from Plovdiv being an ancient and a beautiful city,the tour makes it even more interesting.Well done Adi..

Chandra, India