Saw Plovdiv with new eyes!

Had an amazing tour of Plovdiv’s Socialist Architecture with Daniel. Learnt lots & it was great to get a glimpse of some amazing art and uncover some of the overlooked hidden gems in this fascinating city. Saw buildings you might not look twice at with new eyes, thanks to Daniel’s commentary.
*Strong* recommend.

Anne J, Bulgaria

Enjoyable and highly recommendable tour!

I took part in the City Tour with Velis and Socialist Architecture tour with Niki – both were fantastic. Velis and Niki were wonderful guides with a wealth of information and were happy to answer all questions. Both tours were very enjoyable and I would highly recommend!

Bethan M

Great historic tour around Plovdiv

Wonderful tour lead by Mila. The pace was perfect and the storytelling captivating. A perfect way to be introduced to all the history Plovdiv has to offer.

Hugo, Portugal

This was the best city walking tour I’ve been on!

Adi was a phenomenal guide – passionate about her city and sharing it with us. She delivered the tour at a pace that was engaging and adjusted to the needs of the group members. Adi had some recommendations for both sights and restaurants that were all worthwhile. Would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Plovdiv.

Kelly T

Mila is on top of our list of best tour guides

I would like to say that we have been to a lot of walking tours, both paid and free, and Mila is on top of our list of best tour guides. Her way of telling stories and facts are very compelling and she narrates it with such finesse! All the best Mila and congrats on your engagement 🙂 we were convinced to see Plovdiv again next summer because of the stories we heard today 🙂 🤍💚❤️

Dee Aye

Time Flies on a Fascinating Architectural Journey Through Time

We enjoyed the Plovdiv Socialist Architecture tour with Adi, so personable and knowledgeable about the evolution of building designs before, during, and after the Communist era. Her commentary gave us a greater appreciation of each structure’s significance not only in terms of design and function but also on a cultural level. Wish we’d had time to stick around another week for Adi’s graffiti tour.

Kim M, USA

Ilya was phenomenal

This tour was very informative. Our guide, Ilya was phenomenal. He takes pride at what he does, he is very knowledgeable, personable and fun. His good nature and his great sense of humor made the great stories about the history of Plovdiv even more interesting. The tour was delightful. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Katarina MNyc

Socialist architecture tour for something different

We had done a tour with the same company in Sofia so expected a good tour. We turned up planning to go on the free Plovdiv tour but as it was a weekend there was a surprise 2nd option of the socialist architecture tour so we elected to do that for something different. Our guide was excellent and knowledgeable on the history and architecture styles. We managed to go inside the post office with mosaics and woodwork you wouldn’t normally see (see sneaky photo). We also went inside the library but this time definitely no photos but worth going in to see the mural, stained glass and etchings. If you have chance do this tour.

astudystar, Romania

Fell in love with street art

I went on Graffiti tour with Dani. It was very interesting and educating. Loved it to the bits and would recommend 100%

DiAna, USA

Thank you, Daniel!

Great speaker! Very passionate about his topic, funny and charismatic speaker, engaging very well with the audience, able to lead pleasant conversations about different topics.

Radina Atanasova, Bulgaria