We took walking tour in Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities in the world!! The city is amazing by itself, and free tour is one of the best ways to know it deeper! Nice friendly guide!

lingutu, Lithuania

greqt tour!

The best way to discover beautiffull Phillipoupolis with a wonderfull, knowledgeable and smiling guide!! Bravo Marianna!!!

Kostas, Greece

Great walking tour

This tour with Adi was excellent. She has extremely knowledgeable about the local area and she explained us a lot of historical and curious facts about Plovdiv in the best possible way. A very good service. Thanks :-)))

Ela, Poland


After taking the same tour in Sofia, we decided for this format again in Plovdiv on January 7, 2014. The weather was fantastic and our guide, Mariyana, passionate and well informed. The historical center of Plovdiv is a jewel and the last time I took so many pictures was in Japan, 15 years ago. A complete surprise and most importantly, a very romantic place which really deserves a couple of days, especially up on the hill. I can’t even imagine what it must be to wake up in such a setting.

CDFBologna, Switzerland

A must seen City!!!

The Free Plovdiv Tour was one of the best things i did in Bulgaria ….the tour guide was rlly nice and she was very interesting .. She helped me a lot to knw more about this charming City ..I visited nearly 5 cities in Bulgaria.. For me Plovdiv is the most beautiful City.. I advise anyone who’s planning to visit Plovdiv to try this tour ..it’s rlly very helpful.. don’t miss it 😉 🙂

Sabrina, Egypt

Don’t miss!

Plovdiv is an amazing city and this tour was a great way to get an introduction to Plovdiv history and culture as well. Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly and the time flew by. Highly recommended.

Mateja, Croatia

Pleasant & Fun

I expected more from the tour, but that is probably because I work in the travel industry myself. Chris, our guide, spoke fluent English. I felt that she is a very positive personality.

Svetoslav, Bulgaria

You have to check it out!

One of the best choices we made in Bulgaria was to visit Plovdiv and check out the free Plovdiv tour! I think Plovdiv was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Adi was a great tour guide, she showed us all of the amazing sights in the old city, it was small so we were able to walk through it all in just a couple of hours. She spoke really good english and answered all of our questions, she was very friendly! I recommend a visit to Plovdiv to anyone visiting Bulgaria and I would definitely recommend the Plovdiv Free Tour.

Amira, Egypt

A great tour led by great guide!

I did a tour with Free tour Plovdiv in January this year. I am from Plovdiv but since I had a friend visiting over from Brazil I decided the best way to show her the city was with a guide 🙂 Well, I have to admit that I was not aware of probably 50% of the information that the guide presented to us! The tour was long enough to see the main central sightseeing places and all the history behind them. I would definitely repeat it every time a friend from abroad visits me!

Teodora, Italy

Pleasantly Surprising

The guide was what made the tour so interesting. Come prepared with alot of questions on anything Plovdiv as the guide will answer anything you can think of. You spend about half the time around the mall and the other half in the old city. You will visit churches and roman ruins but no museums. So the tour is not long and drawn out. The guide can also offer recommendations for day trips around the area, other regions of Bulgaria worth visiting as well as local restaurants, cuisine etc. Well worth the time.

baz870, India