Very informative tour

Our guide Adi was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The route and length were perfect. We got a much better understanding of the city and culture.

Cheryl, UK

Yep, good!

Was great to hear the stories of this very old town. Took us on a greatest hits of plovdiv tour and a crash course in Bulgarian history. Which was great as we had just arrived and were keen to learn more. Our guide answered every question on every topic even on where to eat/drink/visit.A great introduction into a great town and great country.


A must in Plovdiv

The only bad thing about this tour is that it made us wish we could have stayed longer in Plovdiv!!! We only had the day there and the tour was an excellent way of seeing as much of the place as possible and learning a lot in a short space of time. It’s one if the shorter walking tours that I’ve been on but it didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything. The tour guide was lovely and had loads if interesting stories to tell. You should absolutely do this tour in Plovdiv.

Sally, UK

Fantastic and free

A great walking tour if you want to know some history and a little bit more about the town. Best of all it is free or you can choose to donate a little which is highly recommended. Our guide was great and very interesting you could tell she was passionate about her town. Well worth doing.

Darcie, Australia

Must do!

Very interesting tour and our guide told everything with lots of enthusiasm. We learned a lot about the history and traditions of Bulgaria, and, in particular, Plovdiv. Highly recommend it!



Our tour guide Mel was great! 🙂 She told us a lot of interesting stories about the city and she has a great sense of humor!

Godinova, Bulgaria

It is really free

As other reviewers we found the flyer in our Plovdiv Hotel and simply went to the front door of the Post Office on the central square. Vessy, our guide, was a little surprised about the number of waiting people, but she managed to keep the group together and stick to the stated 2 hours. We walked along the shopping street and at the stadium we turned to the old town. We saw most of the interesting wooden houses there and could also catch a glimpse into the yard of the Sveti Konstantin i Elena Church although it was a high church holiday.
We finished the walk on top of Nebet Tepe right in time for the beautiful sunset over the city.
And yes, the tour is really free – surely a donation is highly welcomed and well earned!

elennia, Germany

Must do

I found the leaflet advertising the tour at the reception in our hotel.
Meeting at the Post Office at 18:00, Chris introduced herself as our guide, and asked us to fill in a short form. The group was made up of people from a very wide spread of countries. Chris is a very competent guide, and made everyone feel at ease. Anyone could ask questions at any time, and they were answered properly and politely – no matter how irrelevant the question.
She knows her stuff, and her standard of English is very good. Almost all stops included interesting and amusing anecdotes.
The tour took 2 hours, as planned, and ended up at the ruins on the top of the hill in the old town. We were not taken into any buildings or sights, as this would have incurred additional cost and taken far longer than the stated 2 hours. With the information given, we were able to select which places to visit again the next day for a more detailled visit.
A small donation was asked for to keep the tours going, and a group photo was taken which was posted onto Facebook.

Dafydd_10, Germany


I surely recommend!! We walked to the most important places of Plovdiv, while we received really good information about the city and some nice travelling tips.

natalieprodriguez, Rio de Janeiro

Informative and fun

The walking tour was very interesting and informative, we had lots of fun listening to the guide. She knew a lot about Plovdivs long and complicated history and was very friendly and helpful. We loved it!

Grandmother G, Finland