Nice tour

Definitely recommend. Our tour got rained out, but instead of leaving us, our guide stayed to wait it out with us at a cafe. She shared some photos and info with us while we waited and the whole group had a nice time. We continued the tour after they rain, and she showed us to a great dinner location long after her duties as tour guide were fulfilled. Great service and great to hear from locals who love their city!

Tristy, USA

Very good tour

Started Just on time. Good speaking English. Interesting information. We got to places we missed while strolling around our selfs. The guide had lots of self-Bulgarian humour (regarding the nation) which was really funny and cute….. Recommended

Shiraz, Israel

Interesting and informative

Good overview of the history of the city and a pleasant walk around some of the key sights of this fascinating, ancient city. Wear comfortable footwear to navigate the cobbled streets of the old town.

seanyg, Switzerland

Wonderful tour of this beautiful city

I decided to do the Free Plovdiv tour after I tried the Free Sofia Tour and loved it. It was once again fantastic. A great way to find my way around the city see all of the sights without getting lost. Our guide was very knowledgeable and made the whole tour very interesting. I strongly recommend you take the tour in both Plovdiv and Sofia!

Rebecca, Bulgaria

Иnformative and fun

Great quick way to see the basics with an english speaking guide. I found their knowlesge of history a bit lacking, but overall very informative. Tip is expectes. 20 leva seems about right.

pesheff, Bulgaria

Do not miss. Excellent!

About two and a half hours. Super interesting! Free but please leave a nice tip. That’s how the guides get paid.



I did the Free Plovdiv Tour with a friend. It was highly informative and a very interesting introduction to the history of Bulgaria and the gorgeous town Plovdiv. Next to historical and cultural aspects, stories of the recent past of Plovdiv are a part of the tour and make it even more interesting. The tour provides many beautiful scenic places for panorama photos and selfies! Highly recommended!!!

Andre, Bulgaria

Great, informative and scenic tour!

Our guide, Sveta, was so sweet! She was extremely knowledgable. My boyfriend loves history and loves to ask questions. I think he only stumped her once, but she looked it up! We had a great time! Thanks for a great afternoon!

ChelsaAnn, Australia

You should definitely do this!

An amazing way to find out a ton of interesting facts about the ancient and modern history of the city, presented by friendly and well prepared tour guides. A must!


An absolute must do!

If you are travelling to Plovdiv and want to understand the 6,000 year history of the town and region, you can’t go past the free Plovdiv tour.

The tour guides are fluent in English and full of interesting facts about the area. From the Thracians (Hercules times), to the Romans, the Byzantines, Ottomans and Russians. I am a bit of a fan of history anyway, but this tour really filled in a lot of gaps about Bulgaria and its people.

Don’t do yourself a disservice, jump onto the next tour as I am sure you will glad you did so…..

Sean, Australia