Plovdiv Socialist Architecture Tour

Plovdiv has many faces. And while most of our visitors can’t wait to see the famous Ancient Roman Theatre or the city’s picturesque Old town, this tour is dedicated to Plovdiv’s rich socialist architectural heritage.

The Socialist Architecture Tour is focused on the architectural styles dominating Bulgaria during the 1944-1989 period. Together we will explore some of the most important public buildings in Plovdiv as examples. We will be able to enjoy the monumental art that decorates them and find out more about their functions during the communist era. What was the idea behind them? How do they compare in terms of practicality to older and newer architectural standards?

Throughout the tour, we will relive the metamorphoses of the regime itself through the changes that accrued in architecture. To top it all off, we will head to the Alyosha monument on the top of Bunardzhik tepe to see Plovdiv’s most legendary yet controversial socialist monument accompanied by a stunning view of the entire city.

socialist architecture tour


Every Saturday at 11 am from April to December


Plovdiv City Hall (Free Plovdiv Tour on Google Maps), 1 Stefan Stambolov square



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