I couldn’t recommend it enough!

The free Plovdiv tour was excellent! I had arrived a few hours earlier, and my friend suggested I check it out. Our host Adi was friendly, knowledgeable and spoke English very well, along with Russian German and of course Bulgarian. Very impressed. The city is all easily reached on foot, and we saw some fascinating sights like the recently discovered Roman ampitheatre. You’d be crazy not to check it out.

James, Australia

Easy Breezy

Marya led our tour up through the lovely restored old town. It’s great to see there is a civic pride in Plovdiv as monuments are still well maintained and used by the locals. The city is rather small so easy to walk and the tour provides a history whcih adds valuable input to your stroll.
There are some steep sections so if you have limited mobility this might not work for you as there are also quite a few cobblestones. All in all a great tour and a great way to explore a charming Bulgarian town

Tantea, Germany

Maybe limited..?

Chris is an excellent tour guide, but maybe the tour and its contents are limited. I think there is too much to do and to see in the old town and it must be explain. Anyway, Chris is a very very good guide!

Themonomachos, Spain

Worth the walk

We joined in the tour in the halfway (lucky that we caught up with the team) after a messy car rental in Sofia and delayed our road trip to Plovdiv. Very friendly Chris let us join the team and gave us a very imformative tour. This is a must join tour as they showed you the direct way and one route that walked through the gems of the city. We ended the tour at the top of the hill that overlook the Plovdiv with a fantastic sunset. What a great timing. You get to know all the fun facts on the buildings when you walk along and yes, in English!
Must wear comfortable shoes, not a hard walk but the old town still keeps the ancient pavements.

Natalie, China

Must do.

Yes, it’s FREE and in English. You are finally understand all that you are seeing and have the ability to ask questions and delve further. This is a great starting plan for your Plovdiv visit. (No bathroom stops.)

Lynne, United States

Awesome way to get to know the city – for visitors and locals alike!

We were a group of ~20 friends – different nationalities and ages – and we all loved the tour, and found it very engaging and informative! The guide totally captivated our imagination even though we were not an easy group (it was a morning tour and half of us were recovering from a night out until the morning). The foreign guests got an amazing introduction into the history and culture of Plovdiv, and even people who had lived in the city discovered new aspects of it. We did the paid version of the tour, because we couldn’t fit into the free scheduled tours, but it was absolutely worth it!

Vanya, United States

Great walking tour

Knowledgeable guide, easy pace – ends in the Old Town which is perfect for wandering at your own leisure.

FreeRangeLamb, Bulgaria

Nice city and a nice tour guide

I really emjoyed in Plovdiv Downtown. For me it seems like it’s such a small, nice town, nothing like 2nd biggest city in whole Bulgaria. I really liked it! Our tour guide was Adi, nice girl and a great tour guide.
P.S. Don’t trust to the people in Tourist info center if they say there is no free walking tour. They tried to sell me regular tour by telling me the free walking tour issn’t active anymore.


A must do in Plovdiv

We did the tour with Desi and she was fantastic and very interesting. The tour went for nearly 2ours and we got to know some interesting facts about the city. It is well worth doing the tour as you get a local person telling you about the city they love and call home

BatemanBayJungle, Australia

Great tour

We are a couple from Romania working temporarily in Sofia. After taking the Free Sofia Tour we decided for the next weekend to take the free Plovdiv tour. Sofia tour was above average but the one in Plovdiv was awesome. I cannot remember our guide but I do remember that it was on the day Bulgaria celebrated it’s national holiday. All in all, what a great time we had and what a view at the end. Priceless. Don’t forget to tip your guide for the awesome work they do.

Romulus, Romania