Free Plovdiv tour-highly recommended

I am a foreigner living in Bulgaria for a year and i try and do lots of daytrips so having a great 2hour tour of a town is perfect. I just looked them up on facebook and they were ind enough to answer any questions about local transport etc. The meeting point (as of 26th of Nov, 2012) is at the central post office side entrance not the one with the huge rusty signs. The post office itself is like 15 mins walk from the busstation so i found my back well. The guide Tsveta was a joy, she had the right mix of history, local funfacts and personable attitude. It was a chilly day but there were 6 people taking the tour. I saw a lot of the town and even considering going back for some theatre or museums. I would highly recommend this tour and would do it again in a heartbeat. Just bring warm clothes and good shoes when you go in winter 🙂

Sabsukene, United Kingdom

A great Tour!

We joined the tour on 25.11.2012 and we are very happy and satisfied with what we heard and learned. We reccomend the tour! It’s the best way to get to know Plovdiv!

Alex, Bulgaria

Wonderful tour

We had a great tour with the extremely knowledgeable and friendly guide Tsveta. Plovdiv is beautiful and I highly recommend visiting and taking this tour.

Erin, USA

well-designed tour

My tour guide was impressive. Only 16 years old but very mature, polite, and knowledgeable. And her English was excellent. I ended up with a private tour, since it’s the off-season and they just changed the time of the tour to start at 2pm instead of 6pm. The tour takes you to all the major spots in Plovdiv and provides a nice overview of the whole city. It was also interesting to hear a little bit about what it’s like to be a teenager in Plovdiv.

Apparently, they just began giving these tours in July, and they have quite a wide variety of volunteers. Some of them are students like my guide was, and some are older and working. It might be that they stop giving the tours in the winter because then the streets become icy and slippery, and of course there are far fewer tourists, so pay attention to their Facebook page to confirm the time of the tour and that it’s still taking place.

In general, I’m a big fan of these “free tours” (which are now found everywhere – I’ve taken them in Dublin, Paris, Sarajevo, and Tallinn, among other cities), where the guides work for tips and donations. Not only do the tourists get more out of the city they are visiting, and only have to pay as much as they thought the tour was worth, but I’m pretty sure that the guides generally make more money this way as well — at least when they get large enough groups on their tours.

nlgenxer, USA

Best way to see Plovdiv!

After spending our first afternoon in Plovdiv walking around aimlessly, this tour was perfect to get our bearings and see all the attractions Plovdiv has to offer. Our guide, Chris, was very friendly, providing lots of information and great tales about the city. We were lucky enough to be the only ones on the tour that day and Chris was happy to answer our many questions and allow time to take photos. It really felt like we were walking around with a friend.

Jorge, Australia

Although we had been in the city for a few days, we took the tour and learnt much more and went to places we hadn’t been. Chris was enthusiastic about her city and very knowledgeable. A highlight of of stay and recommended. The 18.00 start means that the heat of the day is less.

Guy C, United Kingdom

very informative and entertaining

We have greatly enjoyed strolling around the sightseing points and listening to what Vessy and Sasha had to tell about the rich history of this beautiful city mixing fun facts about the lifestyle of the Plovdiv poeple.. We had the opportunity, due to the very small group, also to chat with both of them.Thank you very much to both of you and we wish this tour to continue for long.

Kostas and Maria

Great fun and interesting!

We really enjoyed the tour and were impressed at how much our guides had to tell. We learnt lots about the city and heard a few fun stories too! Highly recommended 🙂

Will, United Kingdom

Informative and entertaining

Although I’m Bulgarian, I don’t know much about Plovdiv, so I decided to join this tour on my last visit. And I enjoyed it very much – our guide Anton made the ideal mixture between information about the rich history of Plovdiv and fun facts about the culture, the people in Plovdiv and their lifestyle. I recommend this experience to anyone who wants to get to know more about the city and at the same time meet and chat with a local.

Vanya, Bulgaria

Excellent experience

We took the Free Plovdiv Tour based on the recommendation from a similar organisation in Sofia. The guide we had for our tour was a newbie and even though he was a bit nervous (which is understandable), he was great and we really enjoyed the tour. Plovdiv is a beautiful city and this tour is a great way of getting to know it.
Thank you for organizing this!

Jan Mika, Germany