December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays from Free Plovdiv Tour!

Christmas is knocking on the door! Have you already planned where you are going to spend the winter holidays? If not, do not forget that we are always on point. We are having walking tours EVERY DAY – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are not an exception to the rule! We recommend you to book a room in a cozy and comfortable hotel or hostel and have a great time in the city! Plovdiv’s history and its mesmerizing beauty will surely captivate you and you will definitely wish to come and visit us once again!   The city center together with the main street and the famous neighborhood The Trap (Kapana) are all worth visiting during this time of the year.     Another reason for celebrating is reaching 3,000 ‘thumbs up’ on our Facebook page:   We are posting photos from the tours on a daily basis and on a mouse click you could be able to reach them and contact us as […]
November 16, 2015
Free Plovdiv Tour

Free Plovdiv Tour Is Expanding Its Team

Free Plovdiv Tour is expanding its team → JOIN US The long-awaited time for expanding our team has come. Just on the eve of the Christmas holidays we are going to be presented with a marvelous gift – new enthusiastic and entertaining members. Local people who are eager to know more about the city of Plovdiv and are fascinated by its mesmerizing beauty are welcome to join the team of Free Plovdiv Tour. Join us!If you anticipate working in a dynamic team with interesting and cooperative people then FPT is the right place for you! If you join us, you would: Be a part of a motivated and enthusiastic team of young professionals Benefit from being in an international environment Practice your public speaking…with people from 6 continents Have lots of fun and make lots of friends from different countries! We want you, if you: Love Plovdiv and Bulgaria Have rich general knowledge about the city and the country and you are eager to learn more Are Bulgarian and fluent […]
October 7, 2015


READY! SET! GO!   In case you are wondering what’s going on, I am going to let the cat out of the bag! This weekend, on the 26th of September the seasonal Free Plovdiv Tour race was held. The event takes place every three months and aims to promote the activity of FPT. This time the main goal was to remind our partners about the change of schedule: from October to April there is one tour per day starting at 2 pm. The teams entering the race had to visit a preset list of locations. Here’s how it goes:   Participants: 2 teams Team 1: On 4 Tyres Team 2: On Foot *Each team consists of two players! Rules: The two teams meet at a certain time and location – the starting point. Both have a list of approximately twenty places they need to visit and a stack of leaflets to leave there. These include hotels, hostels and some cafes and clubs located in the city of Plovdiv. The first […]
September 30, 2015

Winter tour schedule

Yes, you guessed it. It's October again. And yes, you guessed it. We are switching to winter tour schedule again. We know you know, but we wanted to put out a reminder, just in case you might miss the change. So, here it is: From the 1st of October Free Plovdiv Tour is changing to one tour per day. Start time is 2 PM. Starting point is the same – City Hall, next to the central fountain on the main street. We'll be there – in good weather as well as in bad. See you and don't forget to have fun!
July 3, 2015

3 years and still going

In the beginning there was the tourist. Or was it the guide? Whichever it was, it all began on the 13th July 2012 when Free Plovdiv Tour gave its first cry just like Simba when he was held up by Rafiki in the Lion King. The initial steps were insecure but exciting, tough but rewarding. It was no Hakuna Matata, that’s for sure. Looking back at those three years it is safe to say that Free Plovdiv Tour has become a global community of friends who help spread the word of the lovely city of Plovdiv. And if last year our celebration looked like this this year we are preparing something bigger to mark the lucky number 3. So join us on the 13th July to celebrate our birthday and to experience Plovdiv to the fullest. We’ll show you how to be ailyak (the Plovdiv hakuna matata, remember that word) and how to party the Plovdiv way.
April 30, 2015

Two Tours a Day During the Summer!

Beginning on the 1st of May all through September you're going to see twice as much of us as you have before. That's right, during the summer months, for the first time in Free Plovdiv Tour's history, we'll be serving up two tours a day. The starting times are 11 AM and 6 PM. The starting place, as before, is in front of the City Hall (Municipality building). So whether you are staying in Plovdiv for the night or leaving during the day, now you'll have a better opportunity to join one of our tours and get a guided introduction to the city. See you there!  
March 29, 2015

Free Plovdiv Tour, майна

Вчера, 28 март 2015 г., се проведе първата по рода си беседа между Free Plovdiv Tour и пловдивчани. Домакин беше гостоприемното Hackafe, а водещи бяха двама от нашите гидове – Деси и Иван. Събитието имаше за цел да представи Free Plovdiv Tour пред хората от нашия град – защо, как и кога се правят безплатните туристически обиколки и в каква степен те подпомагат развитието на Пловдив като туристическа дестинация. Иван и Деси разказаха за чуждестранните ни посетители, за това какво е да видиш града си през очите на онези, които го виждат за първи път, както и куп интересни истории от обиколките. Благодарим на всички присъстващи и се надяваме се да се видим на някоя от нашите обиколки.
March 13, 2015

Summer is coming

Plovdiv has seen an increasing influx of people in the past one or two years and this is due mainly to its recent inauguration as European Capital of Culture 2019 and, of course, the tremendous efforts to popularize it as a tourist destination. It’s only logical then that Free Plovdiv Tour is to upgrade to not one but TWO tours per day and thus meet the high demand of knowledge-seeking and culture-hungry tourists from all over the world. As of May we are to have tours starting at 11 and 18 o’clock in front of the Town Hall (Municipality building). For this reason, we want to invite you to become part of a vigorous team and to join forces into boosting Plovdiv’s glory as a historical masterpiece in the heart of the Balkans. You’re also deeply encouraged to spread the word to whomever you think might like the idea of becoming a Free Plovdiv Tour “foot soldier”.
February 2, 2015

One Month With Our New Route

As everybody should already know by now, Free Plovdiv Tour changed its route with the start of this year. Instead of at the post office, our starting point is now at the Municipality building, as explained in our original blog post about this. So what happened in this month since the change? Read along and you will see. 🙂 One of the coolest things about the new route is that we get to show our guests some little-known (even for people born and raised in Plovdiv!) places and facts about our city.   For example, if you come on a tour now, we will show you some parts of the old town which are more hidden and easy to miss. Some of the pictures here, like the one below, show such places. Another new place that we take our guests through is Kapana (The Trap) – the enigmatic, chaotic, labyrinth-like area in the heart of Plovdiv that was the home of merchants and artisans for centuries. How different Kapana and […]