December 7, 2017

Christmas in Kapana, Plovdiv

It’s that time of the year again. When the weather’s cold, but the coats are warm, the restaurants are full and the windows festive. The Christmas trees are up, snow is soon to cover the pavement, red wine is most desired and ugly sweaters are up on sale. It’s time for Christmas in Kapana!   The flags are gone, instead green festoons are hanging from the colorful houses. Sparkly, shiny and fancy, the decorations are up on doors, glasses and sidewalks. The Christmas bazaar soon will make Kapana a very special place in the city! Warm wine, tasty wursts, sweets and the wonderful smell of the holidays will greet everyone who goes there! Don’t forget – bring your warm clothes, your good mood, smiles and decorations (for the Christmas tree!) and join us on a wonderful adventure around the streets of Kapana! Kapana Arts and Crafts District Tour is here to stay during the holidays, we will be waiting for you every Saturday and Sunday at 11 am […]
November 28, 2017

KAPANA Arts & Crafts District TOUR

Plovdiv has many faces – the green hills on a sunny day, the cobbled streets on a rainy afternoon, the narrow snowy alleys during wintertime. Plovdiv is love – the warmth of a Christmas candle, cinnamon rolls, the smell of chimney smoke and a mug of hot tea. In one word – Plovdiv is art.   We love Plovdiv and we love its art and we are asking you- is there a better place to enjoy it and spend some quality time than Kapana, the arts and crafts district of our city?   Photo source:     In April last year, we started the Kapana tour. We wanted to show people more about the history of the neighbourhood, its residents, their stories, everyday life and habits. But since then many things have changed – Kapana grew, many new artisans and craftsmen made it even more colorful. As we always want to get better and improve our projects, we decided that it was high time for Kapana Tour to grow […]
September 21, 2016

Going back to normal

Going back to normal   As the leafs are falling on the ground, the trees – becoming denuded, the weather slowly but surely getting colder and severer, our daily walking tours are decreasing in number too. Landscape from the Rhodope Mountains in the autumn   From 1st October a guide is going to wait for you on the usual spot in front of the Municipality building on Plovdiv’s main street at 2 p.m. Our schedule is not going to be altered until the end of April.   Each and every day, you can see one of our enthusiastic guides holding the Free Plovdiv Tour’s logo and waiting for you to join them for an interesting and informative walk through the streets of Plovdiv.   Some things are going through an alteration, but others are being preserved. This is the case with our newest product – Kapana Tour – tour of the artistic neighborhood of Plovdiv. Free Plovdiv Tour’s team is looking forward to seeing you! Have a nice stay in […]
July 6, 2016

Happy 4th birthday, Free Plovdiv Tour!

Happy 4th birthday, Free Plovdiv Tour!   Another year has passed by – a year full of valuable experience and unforgettable tours! Four years ago our organization, the 365 Association, launched a project for a free walking tour of Plovdiv – The Free Plovdiv Tour. The date was the 13th of July, Friday. We were not at all worried about the symbolism of that particular day, which has been imposed by superstitions and those who believe in them. On the contrary, it turned out to be our lucky date, so every year we put great effort into the preparation of the celebration. We are an non-profit non-government association with a focus on tourism and culture. 365 days in the year we strive to promote Bulgaria. We are an association of proactive young people where something happens literally all 365 days of the year, even on dates such as January 1, March 3, December 24. Free Plovdiv Tour is our second project for a free walking tour. Our tour in Plovdiv […]
June 24, 2016

Kapana Tour

KAPANA TOUR No, it is neither a popular maze conveniently situated in the vicinities of Plovdiv, nor a beautiful garden in the city centre. In fact this is the logo of our brand new project that we launched I the beginning of April, 2016 – Kapana Tour, tour of the artistic neighborhood of Plovdiv.   The aim of this tour will be to give our guests an insight into the history of the neighbourhood, to follow the changes Kapana went through during the centuries, to tell the stories of its inhabitants from the past and the present and to give a look to the future of this magnificent place.   It is worth taking part in the tour! Kapana’s thriving goes hand in hand with our projects’ improvements, so this year we decided to make some changes regarding Kapana Tour. You can now find your favourite tour under the name of KAPANA Arts & Crafts District TOUR. What is more, you will have the chance to hear some more […]
June 4, 2016


QUICK FACTS ABOUT BULGARIA     History can be both an interesting subject and a boring discipline. This time you don’t have to open a huge textbook and cram for an exam. All you need is to find a comfortable chair and set aside a couple of minutes to immerse in this short reading.   1.       The territory of Bulgaria is from time to time likened to the lion’s appearance. (Just use your vivid imagination!)     2.       Sofia is the capital city, Plovdiv is the second largest city followed by Varna and Burgas.   3.       Musala is the highest peak not only in the country, but also in the entire Balkan Peninsula. It is 2,925m (9,596ft) in height and is situated in the Rila Mountain in southwestern Bulgaria. Its name literally means ‘Near God’.   4.       Rayskoto praskalo is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria and in the Balkan Peninsula. It is an ideal route for those who are into hiking and adore the mountainous area. […]
May 1, 2016

“Hristos Voskrese” or Happy Easter from Bulgaria

“Hristos Voskrese” or Happy Easter from Bulgaria   Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays. This is the day when Jesus Christ has risen from the dead three days after his crucifixion on Good Friday. The date of the holidays changes every year as it is connected to the first full moon after the coming of the spring; but it’s always on Sunday.   Easter is the time of springtime festivals, a time to welcome back the tulips, the crocuses and the daffodils. It is also the holiest day in the Christian calendar (followed by Christmas) and is recognized as a legal holiday in most countries with a significant Christian tradition.     The preparation for Easter starts the week before – Holy Week.   On Great Thursday all the families paint eggs in different colors, predominantly in red (as a symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ). That can be done on Saturday before sunrise too. The first egg is always painted red to symbolize the blood […]
April 24, 2016

Palm Sunday In Bulgaria

Palm Sunday in Bulgaria   Palm Sunday is a moveable feast celebrated a week before Easter by all Christians. It marks Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. On the previous day – Saturday – Jesus Christ raised Lazar from the dead and the holiday is named after the resurrected Lazar (St. Lazar’s Day).   Traditionally, on St. Lazar’s Day from 6 to 7 lassies walk around the town/village and perform a variety of customs connected to the holiday. Most often they sing praises to all the family members. It is believed that a house visited by the young ladies (also known in Bulgaria as ‘lazarki’) will have good luck throughout the whole year.     On Palm Sunday willow twigs are sanctified and given away. Everyone takes one and brings it home as it is a widely spread belief that these twigs not only bring health and happiness, but can also heal a diseased person.     The willow twigs symbolize the palm trees placed on the ground by the people as […]
February 14, 2016

St. Valentine’s Day or St. Trifon’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day or St. Trifon’s Day   Along with St. Valentine’s Day in Bulgaria we do celebrate Trifon Zarezan. It is the national festival of vine-growing and wine-producing. According to the old calendar, Trifonovden used to be on the 1st February. Nowadays, everyone chooses on which date to celebrate it, but some Bulgarians have decided to honour the name of St. Trifon both on the 1st and the 14th February!   The festival of the wine dates back to ancient times. The Thracians were the first to think highly of wine and wine-trade. The legend tells that King Lycurgus the Thrace once sent the Dionysus’ retinue away. Later, Dionysus – the god of wine – took revenge making the king kill his own son while believing he was trimming the vine.   There is a similar story telling the life of St. Trifon. He was punished to cut off his nose with a pruning-knife as he mocked at the Virgin Mary.   These days, people have preserved the tradition […]